photo by kobus tollig

Pierre F. Lombard

Artist, entrepreneur and dreamer.

Pierre was born in South Africa to parents Pierre Christo & Rosa Lombard. Pierre holds the same name as the first French Huguenot, Pierre Lombard from Pointaix, Dauphiné, France, who docked in the Cape on 12 May 1688.  

Pierre graduated as an Industrial Engineer from the University of Pretoria, but upon completion of his studies and the world set before him, he formed a conviction that he wants to impact the state of the world in a significant way. He subsequently discovered his passion for entrepreneurship and film, both as mediums that provide him with larger and more meaningful platforms to make an impact.

Pierre founded Cinemuse in 2009, an independent cinema in Stellenbosch, that provides a platform for people to develop a deeper understanding of self through the lens of filmmakers through out the world. It is about holding up a lens to society and asking 'who are we?' and 'who do we want to be, as individuals and a society?' In turn this initiative serves as a platform to help promote the development of a more authentic South African voice, in the medium of film. 

Pierre co-found Achievers, an initiative that utilizes network marketing to help develop entrepreneurs who seek to build a more meaningful world by placing emphasis on emotional education, on community, on a culture of introspection, and on the democratization of wealth to empower a greater number of people. Achievers recognize that professional network marketing embodies these values more so than any other form of business and can serve as a springboard toward financial freedom and a more meaningful society. Within 2 years his business generated over $500,000 in annual sales revenue and impacts over 400 children in a mission to fight malnutrition. Pierre personally played a key role to help a number of people to successfully start their own social entrepreneur businesses and go on to quit their day jobs and start toward a more meaningful career.

'Vasgevang' is Afrikaans for 'to capture'. This platform serves as a lens on society to invoke a deeper sense and appreciation of self, of different others and the universe that is our playground. 


Featured photograph on the cover of "A Century of Symphony" for the Cape Philharmonic Orchestra. Available in all major bookstores.

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