Sharing Guidelines

Dear friend. I consider my work to be art. Please help me ensure that the artistic nature of the images are preserved by following the below guidelines.


Full Name Signed C.png

The Image Files

  • NB: Do not use files that were shared via WhatsApp due to Compression, only the files downloaded directly from the Photographer’s service.

Cropping of Images

  • The Client may never crop or alter the photos in any way. If your license allows you to show the images on your website that necessitates that the image(s) be cropped, please contact the Photographer for guidance.

  • On Instagram it is recommended that the Client uses the square container,if provided by the Photographer.

  • On Instagram the Client may not use the square crop for the full image, unless it is with the square container mentioned above.

  • On Instagram the Client may use the full portrait crop.

  • On Facebook the Client may not crop the photos in any way.

Using Text & Color

  • The Client may not change the color grade of the photos. 

  • The Client may not add text or graphics on top of the photos.

  • On Instagram Stories, the Model may not overlay text on top of the image. However, the Model may tag the photographer & model(s).

Attribution & Tagging

  • On Instagram the Client will clearly tag the Photographer in the caption as the Photographer with the handle @vasgevang.

  • On Facebook the Client will clearly tag the Photographer as “Pierre F. Lombard” as well as provide a clickable link to the Photographer’s website,

Thank you for taking the time to familiarize yourself with these guidelines.

Have a fantastic day!