Model Release Agreement

Dear friend,

Please make sure you understand your rights and feel free to query any item before submitting.


Full Name Signed C.png

Please read and sign below.

Company = Pierre F. Lombard / Vasgevang
Model = As signed


I, the Model, understand that I have seven days from the date of signature of this agreement to mark specific images as “Private” which will not be published in any way unless separately agreed upon between the Company and the Model.


I, the Model, grant to Company their assigns, licensees, and successors, the right to use my image in any territory, for an indefinite period, for the following purposes:

Non-Commercial purposes:

- Publishing to Social Media, on any page owned by Company.
- Publishing to any website owned by Company.

The Model will be accredited appropriately, although he/she may opt to not be accredited.

Commercial purposes:

- Publishing in magazines
- To exploit as artworks (See Editions for example)
- Any other commercial purposes that may arise.

Furthermore, I grant the right to use my name and image for the purposes listed above in all forms and media, including composite or modified representations, and waive the right to inspect or approve versions of my image used for publication or the written copy that may be used in connection with the images.


If the images are successfully exploited for any of the above mentioned commercial purposes, the Model will be compensated appropriately. For example (but not limited to):

- With publication in Magazines, the Magazine will negotiate a fee with the Model directly before publication. If the Magazine wishes to pay only the Company as copyright owner, the Company will share 30% of their fee with the Model, upon receipt of the payment from the Magazine.

- If Company exploits the images as artworks (see example, but not limited to), Company will share 30% of the profits of any sale with the Model, upon receipt of payment from the client.


Finally, I the Model, release Company and Company’s assigns, licensees, and successors from any claims that may arise regarding the use of my image including any claims of defamation, invasion of privacy, or infringement of moral rights, rights of publicity, or copyright. Company is permitted, although not obligated, to include my name as a credit in connection with the image.

Thank you. To agree, please return to the Usage Agreement page.