Model Test Shoot - Usage Agreement

Dear friend,

Thank you for collaborating with me. To help me ensure that the artistic nature of the images are preserved, please read and agree to the below terms.


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Please read and sign below.

Photographer = Pierre F. Lombard
Model = As signed


The Model is granted a non-commercial license for 6 images in accordance with the following terms and conditions.

1. Personal Publishing

- The Model may publish the images to their personal Instagram and Facebook only. For more freedom or to use for commercial purposes, the Model can purchase a commercial license*.

*Please contact the Photographer for special model rates.

2. Agency Publishing

Unfortunately agency websites and printed model portfolios do not provide clear attribution and recognition for the Photographer. For this reason the Model will need to purchase individual images for use by their Agency.*

3. Model’s Personal Website

If the Model has a personal website (not their agency portfolio), the Model may publish the images to their site only if:
- This website is not used for commercial purposes.
- A caption is added next to the image that clearly mentions the photographer as “Pierre F. Lombard” with a link to the photographer’s website.
- The image is not cropped, graded or altered in any way.
- No text is placed on top of the image.

4. Commercial Usage

- The Model may not use the images for commercial purposes without purchasing a license.*
- The image files may not be made available to any third party without permission from the Photographer, including, but not limited to, publicists, newspapers or the Model's agent.

5. Copyright

- The Model acknowledges that copy right and all intellectual property rights of all photographs reside with the Photographer. 

6. Private Photos

- The photographer agrees not to publish any explicitly nude photos without permission from the Model.
- Any other photos that the Model wishes to keep private should be communicated to the Photographer at their earliest convenience.

*Please contact the Photographer for special commercial model rates.


1. Downloading The Image Files

- Due to compression and loss of image quality, the model may not post files that were shared via WhatsApp.
- The model may only publish files online that were downloaded directly from the Photographer's cloud service.

2. Cropping, Color & Text Overlays

- The Model may not crop the files in any way.
- The Model may not change the color grade of the photos. 
- The Model may not add text or graphics on top of the photos.

- On Instagram the Model may use the full portrait crop, but not the square crop, unless the photographer supplied the un-cropped image within a square frame.
- On Instagram Storiesthe Model may not overlay text or emojis on top of the image. However, the Model may overlay tags for the the photographer, crew members and other featured Talent.

3. Text & Color

- The Model may not change the color grade of the photos. 
- The Model may not add text or graphics on top of the photos.

4. Attribution & Tagging

- On Instagram the Model will always mention the Photographer and tag him as @vasgevang.
- On Facebook the Model will always mention the Photographer, tag him as “Pierre F. Lombard” and provide a clickable link to the Photographer’s website.
- If the Model has a personal website, please refer to A.3.) above for guidelines.

5. Printing

Please take note that files that are shared by the photographer are not sufficient quality for printing. If the Model would like prints, please contact the photographer to communicate the purpose and to obtain a high quality printable file.

Thank you for taking the time to familiarize yourself with the above terms of use.

Please sign below.

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